Should we work together at BrandBeacon?

My ideal client is a business growing at 10% of more per month, in a market that is also growing.

You’re worried about that growth slowing. You need to find new ways to keep growing, to reach the next stage.

You are either an ecommerce company with online sales, or, if you have sales people who close sales, you have a clear picture of the value of a lead (and I can help you determine what that number is). In either case, we will connect money in sales directly to the work we do together to reach customers.

You are not looking for a person to hire; you are looking for a partner who will show proven-by-the-numbers return on your spend. As a partner, you see the value in aligning our incentives and reducing your risk by lowering your upfront costs with a percentage of revenue share.

As you’ve grown rapidly, so has the value of your brand name and key brand terms. Who will make use of that value? You or others?  You see that you’ve gotten to the point where you must protect and take full advantage of your key brand terms to maintain your growth.

And you know that being number 1 for your key brand terms on Google search results will not do that. (If you’re curious about the details for why that is, we can talk about it in your free initial phone consultation with me).

If you’d like to learn what it will look like to partner together, please complete this brief questionnaire and I will get back to you with a few possible times for a call together.


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Michael Lommel

At, I partner with growing companies who want to keep growing. You’ll find new, scalable, sources of growth through paid ads that pay for themselves in measured results, making the most out of your current web content and key brand terms in ways that scale as your growth does.